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A compilation of current information on cultural, geographic, and political conditions in countries and their cities covering six continents, based on the Department of State's Post Reports. Maps and photos of many cities included. This book features four analysis papers that consider classic literature, each using different critical lenses, writing techniques, or aspects of the genre.

Offers coverage of the history, politics, and ethical debates related to climate change, including the impact of climate change on daily life, trade and commerce, travel, and the future of both industrialized and impoverished nations. Provides insights on leading social issues and spurs critical thinking about the impact of environmental issues on daily life and globalization.

Presents one among many diverse responses to a growing sense of urgency fed by climate change and experienced by international institutions, governments, local authorities, and enterprises. Provides an interdisciplinary treatment of issues raised by climate change in connection with its implications for society, environment and economy, particularly at the company and the supply chain levels.

This guide surveys critical issues in therapeutic drug monitoring for non-toxicologists who want to gain greater insight into the unique requirements of special populations and learn how to avoid drug toxicity within a narrow therapeutic window. All pathology residents must have a good command of clinical chemistry, toxicology, immunology, and laboratory statistics to be successful pathologists, as well as to pass the American Board of Pathology examination. This book presents core topics and detailed case studies that illustrate the application of clinical chemistry knowledge to everyday patient care and offers practical examples of how things function in the pathology clinic.

This book introduces specific neurotherapy techniques, related equipment and necessary training for the clinical practitioner treating a variety of psychological and medical disorders, including ADHD, mood regulation, addiction, pain, sleep disorders, and traumatic brain injury.

Includes discussion of the historic causes of the tension and information on the lives and actions of major figures, such as Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. The Colonial America Reference Library provides students with the comprehensive information on the Colonial American period they need to write reports and class assignments including biographical profiles and primary source documents. Covers more than prominent companies most studied by students.

Entries follow a standard set of rubrics to facilitate comparison between companies. Also included are company logos, illustrations and ticker symbols, current market share, new products, and where to write for an annual report. Provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists.

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21st Century Addictions and Obsessions (Postmodern Library Book 3) - Kindle edition by Postmodern Library, Matthew Klein. Download it once and read it on. 21st Century Addictions and Obsessions (Postmodern Library Book 3) eBook: Postmodern Library, Matthew Klein: krisunaffiga.ga: Kindle Store.

All periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented. This work aims to foster the interdisciplinary dialogue between mathematicians and socio-economic scientists. The work has three main themes: demystifying and unravelling complex systems; introducing models of individual behaviors in the social and economic sciences; and modelling socio-economic sciences as complex living systems.

This volume provides an understanding of the definitional and diagnostic differences between use, abuse, and disorder. It describes the characteristics of these syndromes and various etiological models. This book provides an overview of the computational intelligence research and technologies in biomedical images with emphasis on biomedical decision making. It examines technologies and studies that have reached the practical level, and those technologies that are becoming available in clinical practices in hospitals rapidly such as computational intelligence in computer-aided diagnosis, biological image analysis, and computer-aided surgery and therapy.

This book offers an introduction to deterministic algorithms for the fast and accurate pricing of derivative contracts in modern finance. Reviews the history of computer science, discusses concepts, and profiles contributors in the field. Also explores the impact of computers on society, with examples in literature and film to illustrate and support trends. Includes illustrations, sidebars, bibliographies, filmographies, timelines, charts, and a glossary.

For general audiences. The major progress in computer vision allows us to make extensive use of medical imaging data to provide us better diagnosis, treatment and predication of diseases. The aim of the book is for both medical imaging professionals to acquire and interpret the data, and computer vision professionals to provide enhanced medical information by using computer vision techniques. Clearly written in an easy-to-use format, it collects detailed biographical and bibliographical information on approximately authors who are most often studied in college and high school.

Cone beam computed tomography CBCT has become the standard of reference in dental imaging. This guide explains basic CBCT anatomy, examination technique, and the use of 3D reformatting software. A range of cases are presented, covering the most frequent and relevant conditions and pathologies, including dental anomalies, inflammatory and degenerative disease, tumors, and implants.

Provides the history and social context of the amendment process, covering each of the 27 amendments. This text focuses on the U. Entries cover topics related to the current state of health insurance, the various kinds including government programs like Medicare and Medicaid and methods of its delivery, as well as the history of insurance and the evolution of our current for-profit system.

Healthcare legislation and reform is also discussed. Explores contemporary American religion in all its diversity. In addition to profiling religious groups, from the modern forms of Catholicism and Judaism to cults such as Heaven's Gate and the Branch Davidians, the set includes articles on cultural, social, and legal issues, as well as holidays and celebrations, the arts, and other topics.

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For general and academic audiences. A biographical and bibliographical guide to current writers in all fields including poetry, fiction and nonfiction, journalism, drama, television and movies.

Includes the most recent data on the world's most-popular authors. Profile sketches are entirely revised and completely replace the original Contemporary Authors entries. Each volume contains approximately writers. Provides biographical details on thousands of modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists and scriptwriters.

Includes current writers as well as the most-studied literary figures of the early 20th century and authors from around the world. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields, including architecture, art, business, dance, education, fashion, film, industry, journalism, law, literature, medicine, music, politics and government, publishing, religion, science and technology, social issues, sports, television, theater, and others. This book provides both digital forensic practitioners and researchers with an up-to-date and advanced knowledge of collecting and preserving electronic evidence from different types of cloud services, such as digital remnants of cloud applications accessed through mobile devices.

Provides biographical and critical coverage of primarily U.

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Entries include a biographical summary; primary and secondary bibliography that includes articles and exhibition catalogs; and a signed, critical essay written by an expert in the field as well as photographs. Provides informative biographical profiles of the important and influential persons of Latino heritage who form the international Hispanic community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields, including art, music and literature to science, politics and business. Provides biographical information on important figures in today's musical arena, covering artists working in all genres of modern music, including rock, jazz, pop, rap, rhythm and blues, folk, New Age, country, gospel and reggae.

Concise discussions of the lives and principal works of contemporary novelists, written by subject experts. Concise discussions of the lives and principal works of poets from around the world, written by subject experts. Biographical and career information on people currently working in the entertainment industry. For general and trade audiences. This book examines the role copyrights play in the areas of public domain, intellectual property, schools, and the digital realm. Sing along with Dr. Jean and Dr. Holly to learn about the continents and keeping the world green.

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This book presents topics in the areas of control of PDEs and of PDE-constrained optimization, covering the full spectrum from analysis to numerical realization and applications. This book covers a broad range of issues related to Internet governance, presenting a technical description of how the Internet works, and an overview of the Internet governance ecosystem from its earliest days to the present.

Included is an examination of the roles of the United Nations and other international and regional organizations in Internet governance, and a discussion of Internet governance in relation to specific national and international policies and debates. This book links the concepts of atherosclerosis pathophysiology to treatment management of coronary artery disease, and discusses pathophysiologic mechanisms of the disease, new therapies, and recent trends in clinical management.

Profiles the biggest corporate mistakes or misdeeds throughout history, covering the people, the times, the decisions made. Presents the cultural similarities within a country that set it apart from others by examining over countries to document the myriad ways in which culture defines and separates the nations of the world as much as geographical borders do.

Surveys each country's shared values, behaviors and cultural variations from foods and rituals to pastimes and arts, using a standard entry format for easy comparison. Provides illustrations, photographs and maps. Covering nearly countries, this yearbook is filled with background notes reports from the U. Department of State. Entries typically cover geography, history, government and political conditions, economy, and state of relations with the United States.

This book provides readers with various methodologies and practices for implementing a STEM culture within school curriculum. This book helps classroom teachers, in several core content areas, develop activities and projects to encourage computational thinking and coding skills, and to build bridges between those skills and practice. Covering the evolution of the American criminal justice system throughout history, Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library explores everything from juvenile justice to organized crime.

A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each title contains approximately full or excerpted documentsspeeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of artas well as overview information that places each document in context. Presents the major forces that have shaped the country both historically and culturally, offering a close look at themes emblematic to the nation's history.

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Features articles on works of art and nonfiction, political documents, speeches, testimonies, flashpoint events and places of cultural significance. Curriculum reforms have been initiated in major countries and regions in East Asia, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. The majority of these reforms focus on moving from a teacher-centered curriculum toward a curriculum that engages students actively in intellectually stimulating tasks and activities inside and outside classrooms.

This book includes research studies and observations on the changing curriculum policies in these countries and regions. This book surveys the common archetypes of Internet users—from geeks, nerds, and gamers to hackers, scammers, and predators—and assesses what these stereotypes reveal about our culture's attitudes regarding gender, technology, intimacy, and identity. Covers specific active-learning exercises created to make library instruction more engaging for a wide variety of audiences. This book presents an overview of various facets of DNA nanotechnology.

It provides extensive basic information on DNA nanotechnology, the design and fabrication of static and dynamic DNA nanostructures, the applications of DNA nanotechnology, including biosensing, computation, and drug delivery.

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Dominion Family , 2. I can share my library with others, and meet people with similar tastes. This book explores traditional and well established sensory methods difference, descriptive and affective as well as taking a novel approach to product development and the use of new methods and recent innovations. The Splintered Mind. It is then supported by a concise directory of corporate finance service suppliers.

Presents the development of DSS for managing agricultural and environmental systems, focusing on the exposition of innovative methodologies, from web-mobile systems to artificial intelligence and knowledge-based DSS, as well as their applications in every aspect from harvest planning to international food production and land management. This volume offers the latest advances in the research of analyzing and controlling dynamical systems with delays, which arise in many real-world problems. Provides detailed coverage of the design of clothing manufacturing processes using a systematic approach to planning, scheduling and control.

Explores key topics such as standardised clothing classification systems and terminologies for individual clothing types; standardised sizing systems; development of a garment collection; planning, organization, monitoring and control of clothing production; and common quality requirements for clothing textile materials. This book introduces readers to the fundamentals of planning, designing, building, and launching their own websites.

It includes guidance on new technologies, including those for mobile platforms. This book provides critical information from conceptualization of new products to marketing, aiming to present a solid understanding of the entire process through detailed coverage of key concepts, namely innovation, regulation, manufacturing, quality control, and marketing.

In the second half of the 19th century, America transformed itself into an industrial power, ready to assume a dominant position on the world scene in the 20th century. The development of industrialization and the consumer society brought about opportunities for many Americans as part of an ever-growing middle class, but also resulted in environmental and social degradation that we continue to deal with at the present time. This work bridges the trans-disciplinary divide among diabetologists, endocrinologists, and nutritionists in understanding and treating diabetes.

It covers the science of oxidative stress in diabetes and the potentially therapeutic use of natural antioxidants in the diet or food matrix. The first comprehensive revision of this classic reference source, originally published in , features updated and revised entries from previous editions, as well as more than new entries covering recent events and topics not covered previously.