A Journey to Love: Adventures in Foster Parenting

The Joys of Foster Parenting
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You gain new family members, new friends, and a new love for a child. Our Journey to Becoming Foster Parents More than five years ago, my husband and I decided to learn about what it would take to become foster parents. We sat down with many friends, family, lawyers, and counselors; all to make sure this was something we were ready and fit to do.

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Amazingly enough, no one had the same response, nor the same outlook on foster care. They are had different experiences. This is mainly because not everyone truly understood the purpose of foster care and that every case can be very different-never a negative outlook, but always interesting about how different people perceived fostering.

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Fostercare is designed to be a temporary fix for a challenging solution. But at the home of Jill and Scott Wardman, with the help of a crow, and a swamp, and an excess of black paint, he begins to think maybe — just maybe — life could get better. Callum Kindly is a kind and caring boy, who lives alone with his mum. It operates on consequences. You May Also Like. How do you give your adopted or fostered child the best opportunities to grow up to be happy, healthy and successful?

As we began the process to become foster parents, we had background checks, paperwork to complete, and classes to take. This process took a few months to complete. Once we had everything finished and were licensed, we waited for a phone call. We kept our phones on the loudest ring in anticipation of a call that a child would need a home.

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Our First Placement We took our first placement on a holiday weekend. He was the most handsome little boy.

I had the same feeling wash over me the first time Ryan was placed into my arms, and I have waited for this moment with BlueJay. I have hoped it was possible that I could love a second child with the same intensity with which I love my first child.

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I tried to be easy on myself, to give myself time to get there naturally without forcing it. At least, it has been different for me.

Although we spent many months, even years, deciding to become a foster family and many more months in the process of becoming approved, I had just three hours between the time I learned BlueJay existed until the time I walked through a door and locked eyes with him for the first time. A mere fraction of one day.

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I had no innate connection with him; he and I had to build one from scratch. We built that connection with bedtime songs.

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We built it with Mickey Mouse Band-Aids on boo-boos. With games of catch in the backyard. We continue to build it a little more each day when I make him a promise and I keep it. Somewhere in the middle of the day-to-day wrangling involved in raising a 3-year-old, somewhere in the middle of tantrum-taming and tickling, that little boy wedged himself deep into my heart. I may not be his mother, but I am his parent. For now, at least, I am his parent. I am the one who makes and enforces the rules that are meant to keep him safe and the rules that are meant to teach him how to conduct himself respectfully and empathetically as he grows from a little boy into a man.

I am the one teaching him how to chew with his mouth closed.

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I am the one who rubs his back when he wakes up crying.