British Chess Magazine: November 2012

Junior British Chess Magazine is launched!
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Throughout we have deep authoritative analysis by leading GM and IM chess professionals.

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  7. Shaun Taulbut Chairman of British Chess Magazine said:.

BCM's goal is to entertain, inform and offer the best in high-class chess insight, stories and research. And a touch of glamour as well! I always look forward to my copy each month It's a great little magazine.

Thank you to everyone involved in producing such an interesting publication. Very high quality articles and production, a very promising change indeed and I wish you great success with it.


I would welcome a couple of pages of quality and independent book reviews, something which the BCM used to do so well. The more modern look is certainly very appealing, and the writing remains of exquisite quality. You should certainly be very proud! It truly feels that the BCM has moved to the 21st century with this update. I returned to BCM after a break of many years and found the magazine to be an excellent read with very instructive and interesting games, articles and puzzles.

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Some of the colours used for highlights made it difficult for me to read a little of the text but I got used to that and overall must say that BCM is excellent. I also love the fact that they have kept the pocket sized format which makes it ideal when travelling to take BCM along with me. At a time when the emphasis is online with the computer, being able to sit and read BCM is a welcome distraction and I recommend others to give it a try.

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Alongside recent tournaments at home and abroad, the latest issue features a lovely article on Philidor, puzzles, theory and plenty of game analysis. Buy the latest issue of BCM in digital or print format or subscribe below.

You can also purchase back issues, bound volumes, binders and indexes. Order Now.

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Founded in by John Watkinson, from humble origins in Yorkshire, British Chess Magazine has long been regarded as British chess royalty. With our two longest serving monarchs, BCM readers are in great company! Each issue has in-depth and informative content about the chess world. It is published in paper and digital formats. Junior BCM is intended for younger readers who wish to progress to become strong club players.


It will appear every two months and is published in digital only format. Find us at www. My Account Checkout Cart Logout. Home About Where Rep. England Fees Shop.

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Navigation Home About Where Rep. David has run several chess clubs, captained county and club level chess teams, and has coached hundreds of young players many of whom have played in national junior chess teams for England.

The concept behind Junior BCM is simple. Our new magazine will be akin to your own personal chess coach available anytime anywhere on-line via your desktop, laptop, Kindle, iPad or other handheld — we have not sought to replicate the usual run of chess materials for young players. We have also worked hard to give Junior BCM a distinctive and eye-catching look in full colour so that it will also be fun and easy to read. By downloading Junior BCM readers will learn about the wonderful game of chess, get ahead of opponents and improve results.

BCM Game of the Month: September 2012

Junior BCM will coach and guide young players from a basic level of chess understanding to becoming a strong club player. But whatever your level and ambition, we want our readers to enjoy Junior BCM and have fun as they improve their chess and results. Junior BCM will appear every two months and will be packed with instructive games, opening theory, examples of practical play and coverage of junior chess events.

Creating a new chess magazine designed specifically to encourage and bring on young chess players has been a long held ambition at BCM.