Dont Let Me Down

Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya)
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We went into the studio together and they told me that mine is the one they wanted to use. I was really proud of the way that it turned out. Super excited about the whole thing.

It was my first collaboration ever. I was stoked to be a part of it. My mom was not into it at first. They sound pretty sketchy. It was funny because when it was climbing, the Chainsmokers and I were doing the same radio shows, so we would cross paths every once in a while. Literally, at one point it, was every two days.


It was fun to meet up with them on the road. I had a blast performing with them. Coachella was one of the greatest experiences of my life, being on stage with them for that.

We got to celebrate when it went to No. We had a performance on Good Morning America that day. It was wild. Creative Director James Zwadlo created the cover art.


Mustard d. Her Majesty e.

Polythene Pam f. Golden Slumbers h. Carry That Weight i. Benjamin Edge , Nov 20, Location: Pennsylvania.

That's how I always viewed and listened to it. Osato , Nov 20, Location: Kent, UK.

Don't let me down

Location: Odense Denmark. Probably not since DLMD had already been released as a single.

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Kim Olesen , Nov 20, Location: California. Also the medley was very specifically for fragments or unfinished or incomplete songs, whereas DLMD is a finished and complete song. MungoMusic , Jack Lord , john lennonist and 9 others like this. Location: Eastern Iowa. Location: Down to Earth. Location: Vancouver. Diamond Star Halo , Nov 20, I'd like to think he's just an artist experimenting with music types. Like any artist should and can. It's his turn to get his feet wet, and he is. So lets just trust the guy and see where it goes. I mean it's not just a "type" if it's literally the same notes.

John Mayer with Keith Urban - Don't Let Me down

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