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That is, if you believe in demons! Though it has never taken the form of a nun before, Valak has shown up in several magic books, including The Lesser Key of Solomon , which dates back to the mid 17th century. The book describes Valak like this:. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide whether you want to believe that parts of The Nun are based on fact , but I'm probably just gonna err on the side of caution and never enter a convent again. Also, it might be a good idea to avoid all children with angel wings riding on a two-headed dragon.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Cos Aelenei. Binge-watching and eating candy, probably. Same, tbh. Cheers, witches!

Related Story. It was based on the story of a Culver City, Calif. The fiction: The infamous Freedy Krueger stalks and kills a group of teenagers in their dreams. The fact : Wes Craven was inspired by reports of Asian men throughout the '70s and '80s dying in their sleep, a phenomenon that at the time was labeled "Asian Death Syndrome.

The fact : The movie tells a fictionalized version of the real life of killer Henry Lee Lucas. The fiction: An ethnobotanist--a scientist who studies how native cultures use plants for medicine and other purposes--investigates a drug that allegedly creates Voodoo zombies.

The fact : It was based on the nonfiction book of the same name by real world ethnobotanist Wade Davis, who investigated the story of alleged zombie Clairvius Narcisse. The fact : Chucky's story was inspired by Robert, a haunted doll that allegedly talked and inspired fits of rage in its young owner. The fiction: A group of men are investigated for murder after a friend was apparently abducted by aliens.

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The fiction: Amid various hallucinations, a sadistic dentist gets revenge on his cheating wife. The fact : It's been speculated that The Dentist was based on the true story of Dr. Glennon Edward Engleman, a Missouri dentist who, over decades, convinced multiple women to marry other men, who he would then murder. They'd split the insurance checks. The fiction: A US soldier during the Mexican-American War is assigned to a remote mountain fort, where he encounters a stranger who turns out to be a murderous cannibal.

The fact : Ravenous was inspired both by the Donner Party, the infamous group of pioneers who were forced to resort to cannibalism after becoming stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and by Alfred Packer, who apparently ate his companions on a gold-prospecting expedition when they became stranded in the Rockies.

Lt Monica Conter, Pearl Harbor movie Love Story was based on her life

The fiction: Scotland Yard investigates the murders committed by the infamous Jack the Ripper, uncovering conspiracies along the way. The fact : From Hell , based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore, speculates on the real murderer Jack the Ripper, who was never definitively identified. The fiction: A recluse in Wisconsin captures, murders, and does really unspeakable things to a total of 17 male victims.

The fact : It's about Jeffrey Dahmer.

Do you really need a source for that? By the way, yes, that's Hawkeye. The fiction: A man investigates the Mothman, a strange red-eyed creature that appears to signify impending disasters. The fact : Real world journalist John Keel wrote the book The Mothman Prophecies after investigating hundreds of reports of sightings and other strange phenomena in Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the late s. The fiction: A scuba-diving couple find themselves stranded in shark-infested Caribbean waters.

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The fact : The true story involves Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who were left behind while scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef because their tour guides failed to take a head count. Their bodies were never found. The fiction: An attorney defends a priest accused of negligent homicide after an exorcism. The fact : In real life a German woman named Anneliese Michel died after being subjected to an exorcism. She was found to have been malnourished and dehydrated, and her parents and the responsible priests were charged with negligent homicide and sentenced to three years' probation. Her epilepsy was likely the real culprit.

The fiction: Three backpackers are hunted by a madman through the Australian outback.

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The fact : Writer and director Greg McLean said Wolf Creek was based on three separate real life Australian serial killers: Ivan Milat, AKA The Backpacker Killer, who murdered backpackers in the '90s; Bradley Murdoch, who allegedly tried to kidnap a woman after murdering her boyfriend; and the Snowtown Murders, a series of 11 grisly murders carried out by four men and one woman in the small town of Snowtown in South Australia. The fiction: A couple are attacked in their home by a group of sadistic children and teenagers. The fact : Them is reportedly based on the story of an Austrian couple murdered at their home in the Czech Republic.

That said, the details on those alleged real events are hard to come by, so take this one with a grain of salt. The fact : Real life Sylvia Likens was tortured, humiliated, and sexually abused for months by her caretakers, the Baniszewski family, and various neighborhood youths, leading to her death. It's really soul-wrenching stuff; do yourself a favor and don't look into it any further.

The fiction: A group of college students discover a cult that practices human sacrifice in Mexico.

It all started at a diner … during an era of sexual liberation.

It was just too hard staying out of their way, and also you couldn't do anything else. View offers. Arthur Wright Anton Lesser By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can:. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. From his early years as a film director and aviation enthusiast and following into his downward spiral into the mental illness and phobia that would define the tycoon's later years. Hoodwinked Too!

The fact : The real story is of Adolfo Constanzo, a "witch doctor" who ingratiated himself with cartels in Mexico as he racked up a crazy body count as a serial killer. He used human remains to perform "spells" and attracted an impressive following of cult members and accomplices.

Is "The Nun" Based on a True Story? Meet the "Real" Demon Valak from Mythology

He wasn't caught until he murdered an American college student in The fiction: Investigators hunt the Zodiac Killer, who was active in the San Francisco Bay area during the '60s and '70s. The fact : David Fincher's film was based on James Vanderbilt's nonfiction book of the same name. The Zodiac Killer was a real serial killer directly linked to at least five murders in the late '60s.

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Imagine being born in Germany and at the age of thirteen sent to America to live with relatives. Not only that, but your eight-year-old sister is sent too and you. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for In Her Place: Based on a True Story at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our​.

He was never positively identified. The fiction: A team of American journalists travel to the African country Burundi to hunt a giant crocodile. The fact : The real crocodile is named Gustave, and he's reportedly 20 feet long and over 60 years old. They say he's claimed more than victims, and he may still be at large today. The fact : The Reed family experienced strange events, including apparitions of a man with long black hair, after moving into a former funeral home in the '80s.

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The house was allegedly rid of the unfriendly ghost s after a three-hour exorcism, although the Catholic church denies having performed it. The fiction: An American seminary student travels to Italy to take a course on exorcism, and he eventually witnesses real supernatural events. The fact : The Rite is based loosely on the life of a real priest, father Gary Thomas, who is one of the few to complete a hour Vatican course on exorcism.

The fact : Silent House is a remake of a Uruguyan film called La Casa Muda " The Silent House" , which was based on an incident that allegedly occurred in a village in Uruguay in the s.

The fiction: A young girl inadvertently purchases a haunted box at a yard sale. Scary stuff ensues. The fact : The Possession was originally titled "The Dibbuk Box," after the story of a haunted box that supposedly terrorized multiple owners.