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Royal de Luxe is a French company founded in by Jean-Luc Courcoult and have since played in front of more than 18 million spectators with around 1, shows in more than cities, in 40 countries on the 5 continents. Jean-Luc Courcoult, author-director and creator of the street theatre company Royal de Luxe, is considered as the pioneer of the street theatre worldwide. These Giants characters are handled — such as puppets — by tens of Lilliputians which has become their clearly identifiable signature of Royal De Luxe.

Limerick, Ireland. In Partnership with Meet the team Press. We arrived at the hotel after dark, and would have a few hours between dinner and our wakeup call at 4 a.

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I noticed on the drive up the mountain that the stars were absolutely brilliant, and I had hoped to see some of the Perseids meteor shower that had peaked the week before. So, after dinner, I walked up the road about a half a mile to a spot where none of the streetlights would affect my night vision, and I looked up to a brilliant sky. The cloudy Milky Way and billions of stars. I only saw one shooting star. But that was enough.

5: Thor and the giants - 2

After four sweaty hours of near-sleep in a dank and airless room, I got up and climbed into the van with the others to make the minute drive to the mountain top, where it would be another 30 minutes walking to the summit. We arrived before dawn, and with a couple hundred other folks, many of them huddled in blankets one with a picture of mighty mouse watched the sun rise and saw it begin to light up the stone heads. Taking pictures was frustrating because the long shadows of dawn meant everyone who was walking around kept blocking the light on the stone faces.

After a bit, we walked around the other side of the mountain, where the lonelier heads on the west side sat waiting for us. Since few people know there are two sets, this side was much less crowded.

After breakfast, our group headed to other sites in the region — a former palace ruins and catacombs, dating from the first century BCE; a roman bridge; an ancient mountaintop city. Abraham landed in a bed of rose petals. Urfa also has a substantial bazaar, though we there on a Sunday, when most of the stalls were closed. Except the lodging information is woefully out of date and I always have trouble with the cubit to meter to yard calculation.

At sunset, we made our way to Harran, another place mentioned in the Bible. And there are bee-hive shaped mud houses dating from hundreds of years ago. We walked around an old citadel what the Turks call a kale and had tea in the courtyard of a little bee-hive village, where a family makes a living showing their home and selling trinkets and cola to tourists.

As we made our way back to our hotel, after a dinner in Urfa, I thought back on where our day had begun, in the wee hours on Mt. He showed Thor and his companions to seats, and they passed the night, faring well. At daybreak the next morning, Thor and his companions rose, dressed themselves, and prepared to leave at once.

Then Utgard-Loki came to them and ordered a table to be set for them having on it plenty of meat and drink. Afterwards he led them out of the city, and on parting asked Thor how he thought his journey had prospered, and whether he had met with any stronger than himself. Thor said he must own he had been much shamed.

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By my word you had never come in had I known before you had been so strong and would bring us so near to great misfortune. I have deluded thee with vain shows; first in the forest, where I met you, and where you were unable to untie the wallet because I had bound it with iron-thread so that you could not discover where the knot could be loosened.

After that you gave me three blows with your hammer.

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The first blow, though the lightest, would have killed me had it fallen on me, but I put a rock in my place which you did not see. In that rocky mountain you will find three dales, one of which is very deep, those are the dints made by your hammer.

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In the other games, I have deceived you with illusions. The first one was the match with Loki.

Thor's Journey to Utgard

He was hungry and eat fast, but Logi was Flame, and he consumed not only the flesh but the trough with it. When Thjalfi contended with Hugi in running, Hugi was my thought, and it was not possible for Thjalfi to excel that in swiftness.

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When you drank of the horn and the liquor seemed to get lower so slowly, you did, indeed, so well that had I not seen it, I should never have believed it. You did not see that one end of the horn was in the sea, but when you come to the shore you will see how much the sea has shrunk in consequence of your draughts, which have caused what is called the ebb. Nor did you do a less wondrous thing when you lifted up the cat, and I can assure you all were afraid when you raised one of its paws off the ground. The cat was the great Midgard serpent which lies stretched round the whole earth, and when you raised it so high then did its length barely suffice to enclose the earth between its head and tail.

Your wrestling match with Elli was, too, a great feat, for no one has there been yet, and no one shall there be whom old age does not come and trip up, if he but await her coming. Now we must part, and let me say that it will be better for both of us if you never more come to seek me, for I shall always defend my city with tricks, so that you will never overcome me. When Thor heard that he grasped his mace in a rage, and raised it to hurl it at Utgard-Loki, but he had disappeared.

Then Thor wanted to return to the city, but he could see nothing but a wide fair plain. So he turned, and went on his way till he came to Thrudvang, resolving if he had an opportunity to attack the Midgard serpent.

The Giant - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey Music Extended

Thor had not been long at home before he left it so hastily that he did not take his car, his goats, or any follower with him. He left Midgard disguised as a young man, and when night was coming on, arrived at the house of a giant, called Hymir. Thor stayed there as a guest for the night, and when he saw in the morning that the giant rose, dressed himself, and prepared to go out to sea-fishing in his boat, he begged him to let him go also. Hymir said he was too little and young to be of much use. Thor said he would row as far out as ever Hymir wanted, and he thought he might not be the first to want to row back.

While he said this he was in such a rage that he had much to do to keep himself from throwing the hammer at once at the giant's head, but he calmed himself thinking that he might soon try his strength elsewhere.

The Ultimate Online Guide to Norse Mythology and Religion

It is no longer a docile pet who comes at the beck and call of humans, but carries on the legend of a shared history of thousands of years. Not a word escaped Loki. Bruce Bochy announced during spring training that will be his final season as Giants manager, bringing to an end a year career as a major-league skipper. They heaped it with hunks of chopped meat, and it reminded Thor that rather too long had elapsed since they had last eaten. The noise grew louder, it grew so loud that the hall began to rock and sway. He was, moreover, very thirsty, for the giant king had not offered him or his companions so much as a drop since they first reached the hall. Bochy embraces Madison Bumgarner after the lefty capped an incredible postseason run with five shutout innings in relief in the title clincher.

He asked Hymir what bait he should use, but Hymir told him to look out for himself. Then Thor went up to a herd of oxen belonging to Hymir, and capturing the largest bull, called Himinbrjot, he wrung off its head, and went with it to the sea-shore. Hymir launched the skiff, and Thor, sitting down in the after-part, rowed with two oars so that Hymir, who rowed in the fore-part, wondered to see how fast the boat went on. At length he said they had arrived at the place where he was accustomed to fish for flat fish, but Thor told him they had better go on further.

So they rowed till Hymir cried out that if they proceeded further they might be in danger from the Midgard serpent. In spite of this, Thor said he would row further, and so he rowed on, disregarding Hymir's words. When he laid down his oars, he took out a very strong fishing line to which was a no less strong hook.

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The world's tropical waters are inhabited by a fish that dwarfs all others. Yet it is fuelled by the tiniest of creatures. The whale shark spends its life pursuing rich. Folktales > European folktales> Scandinavian folktales > Thor's journey to the land of the giants at World of Tales - Stories for children from around the world!.

On this he fixed the bull's head and cast it over into the sea. The bait soon reached the ground, and then truly Thor deceived the Midgard serpent no less than Utgard-Loki deceived Thor when he gave him the serpent to lift in his hand. The Midgard serpent gaped wide at the bait, and the hook stuck fast in his mouth. When the worm felt this he tugged at the hook so that Thor's hands were dashed against the side of the boat.

Thor and Loki Journeys to the land of the giants

Then Thor got angry, and, collecting to himself all his divine strength, he pulled so hard that his feet went through the bottom of the boat and down to the sea's bottom. Then he drew the serpent up on board.

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No one can be said to have seen an ugly sight who did not see that. Thor threw wrathful looks on the serpent, and the monster staring at him from below cast out venom at him. The giant Hymir, it is said, turned pale when he saw the serpent, quaked, and, seeing that the sea ran in and out of the skiff, just as Thor raised aloft his mace, took out his knife and cut the line so that the serpent at once sank under the water.

Thor cast his mace at the serpent, and some say it cut off its head at the bottom, but it is more true that the Midgard serpent is yet alive lying at the bottom of the ocean.