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Swinburne, J.

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Chapter 1 discusses Aestheticism's relationship to Keats, considering the way Aestheticism reconfigures or re-reads Romanticism. It focuses on the parallels and analogies between Keats and Pater, tracing the significance of Keats's 'Lamia' alongside other essays by Pater.

Victorian Portraits: Captured Moments

Chapter 2 considers Aestheticism via its Pre-Raphaelite precursors; the aim is to interpret the threshold between lyric and lyre, and to introduce the symbolic images of narcissism and passionate suffering in Aesthetic poetry. Chapter 3 discusses two themes of the thesis, narcissism and passionate suffering, considering the ways Rossetti and Swinburne bring together the realms of the visual and the verbal in their poetry.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alice K. Cross's mission in life is to share the gospel of Portrait of Passion (Victorian Passions) by [Cross, Alice K.]. Portrait of Passion (Victorian Passions) eBook: Alice K. Cross: krisunaffiga.ga: Kindle Store.

New search Advanced search Search results. Illuminating passions : portraits of wo men's passions in Victorain poetry and painting.

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