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Tyler offers to help, but Nora refuses.

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However, after Tyler demonstrates that he can handle the routine, Nora reconsiders and convinces Director Gordon to allow Tyler to rehearse with her. During their initial practice session, Tyler is antagonistic towards Nora as well as her boyfriend, Brett, both of whom respond with haughty attitudes. As they continue to rehearse, Tyler and Nora grow closer, each teaching the other about their respective styles of dance. Tyler also befriends a musician at the school named Miles Darby, who has a crush on Nora's friend, Lucy Avila.

Nora's bond with Tyler grows, and one day she takes him to a special spot on the waterfront near a company for which her late father used to work, revealing that this is where she first envisioned her routine. She confesses to Tyler that she had always imagined it as an ensemble dance, rather than a duet. Tyler becomes inspired to help her dream come true and begins recruiting younger dancers from the school to perform in her number. Brett signs a recording deal with a company, but in doing so, betrays his friend, Miles, to get the opportunity.

Disgusted by his betrayal, Nora breaks up with Brett. Meanwhile, Tyler continues to attempt a balance between his new goals, his new friends, and nurturing a troubled relationship with his old ones. Tyler asks Director Gordon if she will let him attend the school, and she advises that he must prove to her that he deserves a chance. Upon hearing this from Tyler, Nora suggests that the showcase could also be used as his entrance audition.

After dancing together at a club where Miles and Lucy perform, Tyler and Nora finally move forward with a romantic relationship. Rehearsals continue as normal, until Andrew returns seemingly healed from his injury. Tyler feels that he is no longer needed in the routine, and angrily accuses Nora of treating him the same way that Brett treated Miles. He leaves the group and returns to janitorial work, his initial community service at the school.

However, in the course of the training Nora has been incorporating many of Tyler's suggestions for the routine, and as a result now finds that the new choreography is now much too difficult for the original partner to perform. During one of their practice sessions, Andrew falls over and, realizing he can not cope with the dance, resigns himself from the routine, and Nora is, once again, left without a partner. Crushed, she considers abandoning her dance career and going to college after all, but Nora receives an emotional confession and strong encouragement from her mother, who once opposed her future in dance.

Nora transforms the choreography into a solo piece.

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Later during a party night at Omar's house, Skinny comes by despite being told to stay at home, but ends up getting kicked out by Mac and Tyler because they promised Mac's mother he'd stay home. Frustrated, Skinny sulkily walks back home in a huff, but spots PJ arriving at a store with his friend. Skinny steals PJ's unattended car and rebelliously drives back to Omar's place wanting to hang out with the girls. Mac and Tyler try to get Skinny to abandon the car when PJ and his friends arrive and fatally shoot Skinny.


A person who is friends with your friend that you start making out regularly so they are like your step-brother or step sister. And the stepfriend Tori-Taube. The perfect alibi as friend, as friend's wife. , Devon Hartford, Broken Lion: I was the stepfriend. Pretty sure that held no weight​.

After the funeral, both Mac and Tyler realize that they need to make better decisions in their lives. Tyler surprises Nora by showing up, last minute, at the evening of the showcase. He tries to persuade Nora to let him perform with her, and to forgive him for his behavior. She initially declines, but suddenly changes her mind as Tyler wishes her good luck and walks away.

When the curtain opens, Tyler, Nora, and the ensemble of students perform their original choreography against Miles' latest musical score. After the performance, Director Gordon is beaming and the crowd is blown away. Backstage, a proud Director Gordon introduce Nora to a fellow director from a professional dance company, hoping to sign Nora. Meanwhile, Mac congratulates Tyler for his best performance.

Step Brothers - Did We Just Become Best Friends? (1080p)

Thereafter, Director Gordon introduces Tyler also, as a "transfer". Nora is elated and embraces Tyler. She repeats her advice to him from their first rehearsal together that he'll need to get some tights, and the two share a kiss, hoping to dance together again even more. Actors Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met while filming Step Up and began dating shortly after it was completed; they married in In , they had their first daughter, Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum.

The website's consensus states that "this trite teen romance has too little plot and not enough dancing". It was released August 8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Step Up Theatrical release poster. For a depressed person already low on energy, it is a huge help to have assistance making calls and looking into the options. Encourage your loved one to make a thorough list of symptoms and ailments to discuss with the doctor. Provide whatever assistance the person needs and is willing to accept. Help your loved one make and keep appointments, research treatment options, and stay on schedule with any treatment prescribed.

Have realistic expectations. It can be frustrating to watch a depressed friend or family member struggle, especially if progress is slow or stalled. Having patience is important. Lead by example. Encourage the person to lead a healthier, mood-boosting lifestyle by doing it yourself: maintain a positive outlook, eat better, avoid alcohol and drugs, exercise, and lean on others for support. Encourage activity.

Invite your loved one to join you in uplifting activities, like going to a funny movie or having dinner at a favorite restaurant. Exercise is especially helpful , so try to get your depressed loved one moving. Going on walks together is one of the easiest options. Pitch in when possible. Seemingly small tasks can be very hard for someone with depression to manage. Offer to help out with household responsibilities or chores, but only do what you can without getting burned out yourself! You can, however, control how well you take care of yourself.

5-year-olds step in to help friend with cerebral palsy at water park

Remember the advice of airline flight attendants: put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. In other words, make sure your own health and happiness are solid before you try to help someone who is depressed. Speak up for yourself. You may be hesitant to speak out when the depressed person in your life upsets you or lets you down.

However, honest communication will actually help the relationship in the long run. Set boundaries. Of course you want to help, but you can only do so much. To avoid burnout and resentment, set clear limits on what you are willing and able to do. Stay on track with your own life. While some changes in your daily routine may be unavoidable while caring for your friend or relative, do your best to keep appointments and plans with friends.

If your depressed loved one is unable to go on an outing or trip you had planned, ask a friend to join you instead. Seek support. You are NOT betraying your depressed relative or friend by turning to others for support.

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Good friends are forever loyal! I have been with Step 1 Dance 2 since they opened. Name contains invalid characters. Sorry, could not submit your comment. As we said in the friendship formula, the situation must be right; you need to know if they are a good fit for you. ADD TO.

Joining a support group, talking to a counselor or clergyman, or confiding in a trusted friend will help you get through this tough time. Make sure you can be totally honest with the person you turn to—choose someone who will listen without interruption and without judging you.

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Helping Someone Receive Treatment — What to do and not to do when trying to help a loved one get help for depression. Families for Depression Awareness. What is the role of the family caregiver?

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Authors: Melinda Smith, M. Last updated: October Helping Someone with Depression Melinda T Understanding depression in a friend or family member Depression is a serious condition. What to do in a crisis situation If you believe your loved one is at an immediate risk for suicide, do NOT leave them alone. Get more help. Families for Depression Awareness What is the role of the family caregiver? Print PDF. Pin Share 4K. Yes No. Yes Yes, anonymously No.