The Day the Grid Went Down : Economic Catastrophe

What Happened in the Dark: Puerto Rico's Year of Fighting for Power
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Second, know the value of the things you are trading for. The same applies to bartering, ensure you know the value of the things you are trading for. This is an important factor if you are considering trade as a way to survive in a SHTF situation, as the price of things will inevitably change, and you need to be up-to-date with those prices, otherwise, someone is going to buy things from you, and sell it elsewhere for twice the price.

When you are negotiating a trade, make sure you have an idea of what you are willing to pay and accept for yours and their items. Make sure you are clear on what it is you need by looking at your current supplies and making a list of what is necessary. No doubt any good trader will try to barter useless items they might say you need or will find useful, scrap them. You are trading for what you need, not what you enjoy. If you are trading a service, or even just basic items, be clear on the terms of the trade, what you are trading for and the quantity of each item.

When it comes to agreements about services, there is an entire field of contractual disputes and laws. For the most part, having your own set of terms and being clear about them is the best way to be sure of an easy agreement, if it is available, one of the best things you can do is write down the terms, so that should any dispute occur once the agreement has commenced, you can refer to your contract in writing.

How We'll Safeguard Earth From a Solar Storm Catastrophe

A lot of prepper blogs recommend investing in precious metals such as silver and gold. This is primarily because prepping is about investing. You invest time, invest research and invest in a supply that you hope will pay off for you and your family should a natural disaster, economic collapse or any other SHTF situation ever occur.

As a trade item, it bears no useable feature, unlike bullets, diapers, condoms, food and water, which are items that are traded as valued items in collapsed economies. Because while gold and silver is not very useful during a SHTF situation, it becomes very useful as society starts to rebuild itself. Seeing gold as an investment to sell is a much stronger and practical preparedness strategy that seeing it as a barter item during the event.

What’s happening with the power in Venezuela?

The reason why I use gold as an investment item rather than silver, is that out of the past eight significant biggest economic declines, six of them had significant increases in the value of gold, whereas the value of silver fell. The price of gold correlates with the value of currency. Gold benefits when there is an economic downturn. When stock markets fall, investors buy gold, in turn, driving the price up. Trade items, however, are different to investment strategies such as gold, as they are survival items used during an event, as a means of exchange, and are a method of investment to ensure that you are able to trade efficiently, should an economic system crumble.

There are, however, different investments you can make, rather than just in a stock of supplies.


The GMS problem can be solved by maximizing the system reliability [5]. For the most part, having your own set of terms and being clear about them is the best way to be sure of an easy agreement, if it is available, one of the best things you can do is write down the terms, so that should any dispute occur once the agreement has commenced, you can refer to your contract in writing. National Load Dispatch Centre. Exchange Discount -Rs. Price is usually subject to long-term contract negotiations.

As a way of bartering, you might be able to trade a service or skill you have, which might be in plumbing, electrical work, woodwork, or some other specific skill you have. Not only can this be done for food and supplies, but you can also trade that skill for cash-in-hand work, which gives the skill the benefit of being able to be used if you were to lose your job in an economic downturn.

So while you are preparing for rough days ahead and checking up on your prepper supply of non-perishables , water , and supplies , it might be worth stocking up on something can actually be free, which is to learn a new skill. There are a lot of valuable skills out there, from gardening , material work, animal husbandry skills, nursing skills, repairs or even defense.

Whatever your hobbies might be at the moment could also become a formidable skill, should society change to the point where that skill comes in demand. Cigarettes are a must-have trade item in a post-collapse. I have a lot of things in my prepper supply that would be very valuable should everyday supplies start to run out.

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But the issue is, do I want to part with them? Probably not, especially if they are something I need. So it puts me in a hard place where I would have to balance need over the value of trade. But we can prepare for that circumstance by preparing a seperate section in our supplies for trade.

The Day the Grid Went Down : Economic Catastrophe

This might be a small collection of things you use every day, which can be added upon as time goes on and you find new goods to add to the list. There are a lot of preppers that keep an excess amount of everything, adequate to what they need, rather than stockpiling a separate pile of tradeable items. If you are just starting out in your collection of trade items, or you are looking to add to that supply, I have compiled a list below of 30 items that I have found have found will become valuable commodity items in economic collapse and SHTF environments, and why they would be useful.

I have made this list based on research on what items have become valuable in past economic collapse and SHTF situations where supply lines shut off and resources become limited. I am sure that a lot of advanced preppers out there that have a good stockpile of food, water, and supplies will no doubt have many of these items in their stockpiles already.

I also have many of these items not only in my own stockpile, but in a separate section designed to be a backup, to be used either as trade, or to help out others should they need it. While these items have been seen as valued items in the past, or they are currently highly valued items in SHTF places in the world such as Venezuela , I would not call this list definitive by any means.

There are a lot of other items that have had, and will have equal value to these in a SHTF scenario. If you do know of any other items for trade and barter that you have identified, or you believe will become useful in a SHTF situation, please leave a comment below to inform the community. In a shtf barter, I will be trading some of my stores for silver and gold.

Ben Brown. This is also a good idea. Using what people need to get gold and silver. Odd right?

Total collapse of the power grid

AFTER you are well prepped — prepping correctly for bartering is advantageous — no such thing as being prepared for absolutely everything that could occur during a SHTF …. If you have a 45 ounce shampoo bottle it is possible that no one has enough to trade that equals the value of that huge bottle.

What do you have with you right now?

The Day the Grid Went Down is a compelling novel about what could happen to the world should a truly catastrophic economic collapse occur. The book is. Sinopsis. The Day the Grid Went Down is a compelling novel about what could happen to the world should a truly catastrophic economic collapse occur.

None of those things cost a great deal of money…. Presto…you can now take advantage of large size sales prices and cut down on the storage space for your barter closet. Keeping small containers, bottles, bags ect is a very smart way to trade bulk items. Thanks for the tip!

Small, easy to conceal and in whatever quantity is necessary. Just be sure you know who you are dealing with…. Pretty good idea also just for hunting alone, let alone security! Anyone who needs ammo is already in a desperate situation and you just let them know you have what they need. Are you sure you want to give these people ammo? Think again. I think a much needed skill would be, hair cutting. Air gun pellets.

The Day The Grid Went Down by David J. Nicks

Rent out your air gun for something of much greater value than the gun and maybe a share of the game. It might be good to have a pair and a spare of them air guns. Folding knives of all sizes.

Nice list and additions from comments as well. Disasters are cradles for black markets when everybody trades everything. Europe under nazi occupation, totalitarian socialistic countries, Balkans in th…. My point : get goods and study trades and skills for bartering. Prepare for emergency situations by having alternative heat sources available.

Five Reasons The U.S. Power Grid Is Overdue For A Cyber Catastrophe

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