The Lost Art of Lingering: Mutual Mentoring for Life Transformation

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This easily accessible small volume pages becomes much like a complete library of wisdom built into one comprehensive book. Written with an eye to multiplying the disciple-making process, Forman calls the whole church to become engaged in this process of mutually mentoring one another and shows how it can begin naturally with the ministry teams and small group leaders already involved in spiritual friendships.

Added bonuses in the book include: 1 The Mentoring Resources: Basic Questions and Topical Questions to use in a variety of mentoring sessions; and 2 A Study Guide of Reflection Questions to use when doing the book study. I know I will be keeping it as a handy guide for my mentoring friendships. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Published on Nov 7, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search.

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However, the new Hellfire Club activates a special giant Sentinel, sent towards Utopia. With most of the X-Men far from Utopia and part of the team being in the med-lab, young mutant messiah Hope Summers and other teenage mutants volunteer to join Cyclops in the fight against the super Sentinel. Wolverine is opposed to the idea of putting children on the front lines against the Sentinel; when Cyclops insists that everyone who wants to fight should fight, Wolverine gets a detonator and threatens to blow up Utopia in order to make the youngsters run away from the island and destroy the super Sentinel.

Cyclops and Wolverine's frustration with each other come to a head when Cyclops brings up Jean Grey. The two fight each other in a rage while being attacked by the sentinel.

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Eventually, the super Sentinel threat forces them to stop fighting each other and join Hope and the other young mutants in the battle against the Sentinel, and the Sentinel is finally taken down. But the ideological differences between Cyclops and Wolverine makes Wolverine decide to leave Utopia and bring along whoever wants to come with him. While Wolverine doesn't leave as an enemy of Cyclops and his X-Men, he makes clear he wants both sides to stay out of the other's business.

Various X-Men leave for various reasons; Rogue, as an example, departs because she feels that Cyclops has reached a point where his previous willingness to question his decisions has been replaced by an inability to accept when he might be wrong. With the discovery that the Phoenix Force is returning to Earth, apparently to use Hope as a host, Cyclops believes Hope as Phoenix can be used to 'jump-start' the mutant population. Captain America, fearing that the Phoenix will come to Earth and destroy everything, assembles a force of Avengers aboard a S.

Helicarrier and using the S.

See a Problem?

Assuming that Captain America will not take no for answer Cyclops refuses and uses his optic blast to push the Captain back into the sea. Captain America then orders the Avengers take the beach and apprehend the mutant, Hope. After Hope escapes, Cyclops orders the X-Men to surrender and ends the fighting. Cyclops scatters the X-Men across the globe with the mission to prevent the Avengers from capturing Hope. Hope seeks out Wolverine for help. Wolverine aids Hope in traveling to the Blue Area of the Moon but then calls the Avengers to inform them of Hope's location. Cyclops and a select group of X-Men arrive to stop Hope's capture.

As a result, the Phoenix Force is divided and instead inhabits five X-Men present on the moon none of which is Hope.

Cyclops, one of the new Phoenix avatars, travels back to Earth with an unconscious Hope. The world's transformation beings as a utopian society which descends to a police state as the avatars are corrupted by the power of the Phoenix and are unable to control their desires, impulses, fantasies and whims from changing reality. Wanda teleports Hope away and Cyclops declares that there will be no more Avengers.

In defense against the combined assault of the Avengers and the X-Men, Cyclops attacks Emma Frost and absorbs her portion of the Phoenix Force, before killing Xavier and transforming into Dark Phoenix. She undoes the changes to the world caused by Cyclops and she and the Scarlet Witch then spread out the Phoenix Force across the globe, causing thousands of people to become mutants.

Cyclops is held captive in a ruby quartz cell and while guilt-stricken over killing Xavier, he is happy over the mutant race restarted and claims he would do it all over again. Captain America convinces Wolverine to visit Cyclops, who is being held in a specialized private prison created for the reemerged mutant population, to learn where his Extinction Team might be hiding.

Once returned to general population, Cyclops is joined by Jake, the only other mutant inmate in the prison. The pair soon realize that all the guards have left as three inmates approach them brandishing shivs. The tattooed inmate states to Cyclops that their issue is with all mutants as he and the other two inmates attack them.

However, due to his training in martial arts, Cyclops was able to defeat the three inmates. After that, he had a talk with Jake who revealed his origin to Cyclops. Cyclops then tells Jake about the Jean Grey School and they might take older students. Later that night, Cyclops uses metal filings to communicate with Magneto and tell him not to break him out as he must stay a prisoner, a political prisoner and he will not let them turn him into a criminal.

Cyclops allows Iron Man to study him for remaining effects of the Phoenix Force. As he is leaving, Jake is murdered by the mutant-hating inmates. Depressed at this action, Cyclops ends up taking up the earlier offer from Magneto to break him out of prison. Before leaving with Magneto, Magik, and Danger, Cyclops has Magik send Jake's murderers to Limbo and has Danger disfigure the corrupt warden by carving an X on his face. The Avengers arrive to find the prison demolished and abandoned except for the warden who delivers a message from Cyclops to Wolverine stating that he will support Wolverine's school and continue to fight for mutant rights, noting that now that Wolverine has taken the role of "the better man", Cyclops can be "the man who does what's necessary".

Cyclops, Magneto and Magik watch a newscaster advocating putting mutants in concentration camps. When Magneto asks Cyclops if killing Neanderthal newsmen falls within their purview, Cyclops tells him it does not.

The Lost Art of Lingering: Mutual Mentoring for Life Transformation

Magneto warns him that they're embarking on something completely different now, but Cyclops tells him he's wrong saying that just like before With the X-Men disturbed at Scott's more violent policies — including attacking police officers and various officials for illegally detaining mutants after their powers manifested — but unwilling to actively confront him for fear of triggering a mutant civil war, a chance comment by Iceman inspires Beast to pursue a new solution; he travels back in time to recruit the Scott Summers from the early days of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to convince the present Scott that what he was doing was wrong.

This leaves the present day Cyclops with little to no control over his powers. It is also revealed that the "Mutant Revolution" and Cyclops in particular have gained popular support among the general public, despite continued distrust and animosity from the Avengers and X-Men. Later it was revealed that the reason for this alteration was not from the exposure to the Phoenix Force but because they had been infected by Dark Beast with nano-sentinels.

Once they removed the nano-sentinels from their bodies, they regained total control over their powers.

Much more than documents.

He calls it New Xavier School for the Gifted. It was revealed that Scott, Emma, Illyana and Magneto had been infected with nanite sentinels that had corrupted their powers and caused them to be unpredictable. Cyclops then begins recruiting new mutants for his new Uncanny X-Men. Storm finds Cyclops's new school in order to tell him that Xavier's last will and testament will be read in Westchester and they will allow him back on the original school's campus again.

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Cyclops, after finally realizing what his mutant revolution is, gathered mutants at the White House to show humans that the mutants could all gather in one place without creating harm to the human race. Some X-Men were reluctant to appreciate Cyclops's act, while other endorsed him, such as Nightcrawler, his brother Havok, and finally Magneto, who stated that, even if Cyclops's actions seemed insane, Xavier would have loved this.

At some point during the future Time Runs Out storyline, Cyclops acquires a Phoenix Egg which he holds in reserve, hoping to use it to end the Incursions.

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Cyclops eventually uses the Phoenix Egg to become one with the Phoenix Force again and uses his powers to decimate the Children of Tomorrow, before joining most of the surviving heroes from his universe in their 'life raft', his fellow survivors including Mister Fantastic , Carol Danvers now known as Captain Marvel , Spider-Man , Black Panther , the new Thor , and Star-Lord. They remain in stasis for a time until they are released by Doctor Strange - who survived the incursions on his own- and meet Miles Morales , the successor to the Ultimate universe's original Spider-Man.

Learning that Strange is now Doctor Doom 's sheriff, the heroes set out to learn more about where they are now and what's the situation in the present world.